EvergreenConnect is a comprehensive plant sourcing tool to improve your business efficiency to find greenlife products.

What can you find?

You can find available plants from nurseries through out Australia or you can do a wider search to find plants which nurseries have on their growing list.

When you find what you are looking for you can access those nurseries direct as their details are displayed with their stock. You deal directly with the nursery, there is no brokerage involved. You can phone, email or contact them directly from EvergreenConnect, the choice is yours.

Nurseries have the option of listing pricing, quantities, comments and can post photos and links to their website to provide all the information purchaser's need.

Nursery lists are updated regularly and the date of this information is published so you can see easily determine currency of the information.

Will I find what I am looking for?

We list over 160,000 lines of plants, from a large number of wholesale growers all across Australia. These include growers that specialise in the Landscape market and the retail nursery market, specialist growers such as fruit trees, herbs and topiary to name a few. If someone is growing what you need there's a good chance you will find it on EvergreenConnect. We are happy to log you on through a trial login if you would like to see the range of plants and listed.

How up to date is the data?

Our growers are either updating their availability lists directly through our website or sending us their availability lists to us for uploading, so our data is as up to date as from the nurseries themselves.

Who can apply?

Any company which deals in greenlife at a commercial level including Wholesale Nurseries, Retail Nurseries, Landscape and Landscape Maintenance Companies, Landscape Architects, Arborists, Councils, Plant Hire Companies.

How do I apply?

Simply use the register tab on this website or send us an email at info@evergreenconnect.com.auWe will contact you to confirm eligibility before proceeding.

What does it cost?

Access to EvergreenConnect costs as little as $130.00 ex GST for a full year. Subscribers get their own login and password and can do as many searches as they like. No limits.

How soon will I get a login?

We will contact you usually within 24 hours. You can have your own login within a couple of hours once we have contacted you. If you are ready to sign up simply ring Christina (0419 165 865) Todd (0484 111 183) or Mathew (0407 212 316) and we can get you searching today.

Need help urgently?

If you have previously sent a request and you're keen to start and we haven't contacted you yet, please feel free to give us a call on the above number.